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June  5th  .............. Off Weekend
June  6th .............. Off Weekend
June  12th  .............. Dallas/Edmond
June  13th .............. Dallas/Edmond
June  19th ............. Edmond/Rogers County

June  26th ............. Edmond/Rogers County
July  3rd  .............  Off Weekend - Happy 4th! 
July  10th ............. Dallas/Edmond
July  11th ............. Dallas
July  17th ............. Edmond/Rogers County

July  24th ............. Edmond/Rogers County
July  .............

Dec 20, 2020


Hello, I am Paige Dowdy, Livestock Supervisor and Sales Coordinator. First off, I would like to say Welcome to Scissortail Steading! If you find time, I recommend watching the video to the left- it will, in detail, tell you more about Scissortail Steading and allow you to see, first hand: our livestock, our operation and experience Iberico pork in the United States! 

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- Paige 

Cold Winter Months

Feb 11, 2020

“If the Groundhog sees its shadow on Columbus Day (Feb 2), six more weeks of winter” – Farmers Almanac


If you are like many of us “farmers and ranchers” the Almanac is the second most important book, behind the Bible. You might be asking yourself, why? You see the Almanac is a calendar that contains important dates and statistical information that coincides with astronomical data and tide tables.  This data is then put into a book form that allows farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and the everyday person a “birds eye view” of what to expect for the year (if you base your life around data, statistical answers and signs). 


This year on February 2nd, 2021 the groundhog emerged from his den and saw his shadow. The meaning? Six more weeks of winter! At the time no one thought anything special about it. But, that was quickly about to change. Fast-forward to the next week and the local weathermen are predicting an Artic Blast to bring in abnormal below freezing temperatures and extreme wind chills. Just like other farmers, rancher and agriculturists – we began to prepare! Stocking up on straw, hay, grain rations, and propane heaters – we were ready to face the cold, head on! 


The night the Artic Front hit, we experienced what we “Oklahomans” would call a cold wet winter but it progressively got worse. Worried about the stock the three of us (Paige, Keegan and Jace) would rotate throughout the night checking on stock every two hours. This allowed us to ensure everyone had fresh water, adequate amounts of begging and was staying warm and dry. 


The pigs handled the extreme temperatures phenomenally and are pushing forward for warmer spring days!