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Purebred Iberico 

Imported from Portugal, more specifically the Alentejo region in Southern Portugal. These pigs now reside in Morrison, Oklahoma, where they are raised on the grass prairies of north central Oklahoma. This special breed is known for its most common product, Jamon. The natives consider these pigs the most pure of the swine species, where they have been traditionally maintained throughout their many years of existence. 


Scissortail Steading works diligently to mimic or re-create the atmosphere and diets of which these pigs would traditionally be finished on. Allowing free access to a variety of native grasses, planted food plots and a customized diet that is high in Oleic Acid and Palmitic Fat. This specialized diet provides the pig with the perfect pieces to create a tender, juicy, flavorful cut of meat. 


Known to be red in color, marbled, extremely juicy and a unique one-of-a-kind flavor, you are sure to be satisfied! 

Iberico Crossbred

Scissortail Steading is working diligently to be able to offer a crossed variety of pork. By crossing Ibericos with Berkshires and Durocs, we are creating a hybrid that is able to withstand the same feeding regiment and pasture grazing as the Ibericos, though are able to produce larger cuts of meat. This is all while producing high quality cuts with the same marbling, tenderness and distinct flavor. 

Product coming 2021
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