Our Feeds...

At Scissortail Steading we take pride in our livestock, which allows us to take pride in our retail products. 

We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality meat, which starts with the highest quality feed. 

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A corn based ration that is designed to build or maintain weight on females and males alike.

This ration is fed to all breeding livestock. 

Crude Protein - 14% 

Crude Fat - 5%


A corn based ration that is designed to add growth and performance to baby pigs

This ration is fed to all weaned offspring until 100 days of age.  

Crude Protein - 18%

Crude Fat - 3.5%

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Our finishing ration is one that is custom made to mimic  the chemical compounds of an acorn, which is traditionally what Ibericos are finished on. 

This ration is fed after 100 days of age until slaughter.

Crude Protein - 

Crude Fat - 

Sow Gestation

18% Grower

Finishing Ration